The Double Knot Society -  Waste-NOT!    Want - NOT!
Currently doubt campaigns are targeting the science on global climate change.  The confusion this creates about the validity of the threat is impeding the public moral response necessary to take up action on a day to day personal level. The Double Knot Society has decided to try to counteract this impass through attempting to facilitate a change of focus.  We believe that simply raising people's awareness of how easy it is to reduce the waste of natural resources in our daily lives can go a long way to enabling us to live within the natural limits of our environment. 
What is surprising is how easy it is to save resources and your money
Capitalism's answer to pressure on resources is to give them a monetary value. What this means to you as a consumer is that you will be paying for more and extra in different ways as this trend continues.  Learning to avoid waste now will only save you more & more money.
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